A marathon, not a sprint.
A marathon,
not a sprint.

Golf Performance Program

Improve Shotmaking, Scoring & Mental Game

The Performance Program provides golfers a clear strategy for complete game improvement.

  • Increase Shot Consistency & Control
    Understand Key Swing Components
  • Immediately Improve Scoring
    With an Effective Practice Plan
  • Develop a Scoring Strategy
    Deploying Sound Course Management
  • Build a Strong Mental Game
    Through Preparation, Shot Focus & Swing Confidence

Course Includes:

  • 1 ½ Hours Classroom Training
  • 1-2 Hours on the Practice Range
The Story of the Logo

The Circle 18 logo was created by John Greavu, a golf coach and instructor, as a reminder for players to maintain ardent focus on every shot and manage their physical and mental game for all 18 holes. Recognizing that golf is an ongoing process and periodically a grueling rollercoaster of emotions, he reinforced the concept that in addition to a good swing, competitive golf requires mental toughness, intense concentration and unrelenting resilience.

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